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2002-12-27 Rivet length calculator page
2002-12-23 Supplier's page
2002-12-03 Design modification page
2002-11-04 Cleaned html in Roger Mellema's Newsletter No 18 (All Newsletters have now been cleaned up!)
2002-11-03 Cleaned html in Roger Mellema's Newsletter No 16
2002-11-01 Cleaned html in Roger Mellema's Newsletter No 14 and Newsletter No. 15
2002-10-30 Cleaned html in Roger Mellema's Newsletter No. 13
2002-10-30 Cleaned html in Roger Mellema's Newsletter No. 12 Click here to see an interesting note about the BD-4 in fiction
2002-10-29 Cleaned html in Roger Mellema's Newsletter No. 10 and Newsletter No. 11
2002-10-28 Cleaned html in Roger Mellema's Newsletter No. 8 and Newsletter No. 9
2002-10-27 Cleaned html in Roger Mellema's Newsletter No. 5 and Newsletter No. 7
2002-10-23 Windshield page
2002-10-21 Flight test page, some changes on the supplier's page
2002-09-30 Updated Lloyed Brekke's entry in the supplier's page. Added a download link for images of his plans.
2002-09-23 Magazine articles: added Air Progress article, gallery, new page: "Old Ads"
2002-09-07 Added 5/69 Popular Mechanics article to list of magazine articles
2002-08-14 Added Ron Vance's RV-6A Nose Gear Mod for use on the BD-4
2002-08-06 Added 10/88 Kitplanes article to list of magazine articles
2002-06-30 New page to list interesting articles on the Internet.
2002-06-18 Added the ability to edit and delete an image from a builder's profile.
2002-06-11 Added Airport ID field to the builder's profiles.
2002-05-22 Portrait of N82797, pictures on Bob Huey's page
2002-05-12 John's article about his fuel pick-up modification
2002-05-09 List of high time BD-4s
2002-04-15 Report about Shane Demmer's first flight
2002-04-14 Report about Ron Vance's first flight
2002-04-12 classifieds
2002-03-18 classifieds (new project for sale), Dave Gall's small parts page
2002-03-16 classifieds (marked Mike's plane as sold)
2002-03-13 Added a PDF file about the radiator to John Steer's profile
2002-03-11 Detail gallery (added a picture of Ray Ward's V8 installation); AutoCAD page (added thumbnail pictures, changed the instrument panel some and added the Ford V6 overlay drawing)
2002-03-10 AutoCAD page (added a drawing of the instrument panel)
2002-03-01 Dan Nicoson's engine cooling article (the one from the Contact! magazine)
2002-02-27 Now the builder can upload pictures into their profile: go to the builder's list, search for your entry using your name and click on the "add" below the list of pictures (if any); Supplier's page (added John Raffensparger)
2002-02-25 John Steere's wing building instructions, more documents to download on John Steere's profile page.
2002-02-23 Ken Kopp's Take-off Distance Chart, Ken Kopp's flight test reports
2002-02-22 Bede's newsletter page (added the remaining newsletters that I have as PDF)
2002-02-17 Supplier's page
2002-02-14 Bede Corp's newsletters (added #1 and another one with unknown number)
2002-02-12 the airfoil page, updated the AutoCAD drawing of the air foil
2002-02-09 the airfoil page
2002-02-06 three view page
2002-02-05 classifieds
2002-01-29 Online Discussions
2002-01-27 Completed HTML cleanup of Roger Mellema Newsletter 19 & Newsletter 20
2002-01-26 Completed HTML cleanup of Roger Mellema Newsletter 21 & Newsletter 22
2002-01-25 Completed HTML cleanup of Roger Mellema Newsletter 23 & Newsletter 24
2002-01-24 Completed HTML cleanup of Roger Mellema Newsletter 25
2002-01-23 Hugo Schneider's newsletter 1998, Completed HTML cleanup of Roger Mellema Newsletter 26, The Airfoil
2002-01-21 Small vs. large tail, 3D drawing
2002-01-14 Bede Corp's newsletters, Fuel flow abstract
2002-01-10 Stored the builder in a MySQL database and generate the builder's list dynamically. The builder can edit their own entry. The password is the first name but can be changed by the builder. 
2002-01-07 Bede Corp's newsletters, Lary's entry
2002-01-04 Lance Schlichter's fuel flow article, header tank page: added an article from Lance Schlichter, plans corrections page, now all of Hugo Schneider's newsletters (that I have) are available as PDF, refer to the page)
2002-01-03 Hugo Schneider's newsletter overview page
2002-01-03 Received a large package from Lance Schlichter with:
- Original BD-4 newsletters from 1970 ~ 1979
- Hugo Schneider's newsletters 1997 ~1998
- Most of Bede's design improvements
- His personal fuel line study w/ drawings of his header tank
2002-01-02 Bede's design modifications
2002-01-01 Builder's list, book page, personal stories
2001-12-26 classifieds, builder's list
2001-12-15 classifieds
2001-12-08 Books and publications, wing spar stress discussion
2001-12-02 Modifications page
2001-11-16 Builder's list
2001-11-15 Moved the site to a new server running Red Hat 7.1 Linux
2001-11-14 classifieds
2001-11-10 Bede's modifications
2001-11-07 Builder's List
2001-10-04 Builder's List, classifieds
2001-10-22 Added Fred Osborn's press brake description


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