BD-4 Suppliers

This page brings a list of places where you can get parts. There are certainly other places. Let us know when you know of any.

In Roger's newsletter from July 1985 (#12) there is another list of sources. He also explains briefly, where Bede got some of the parts from.

Part Supplier(s) Comments
Book with BD-4 building instructions  
Curved windshield
  • GeeBee Canopies
Engine mounts  
Fuel drains  
Fuselage angles
  • TVAP
  • Tardiff, Santa Ana, CA
  • NW Sheet Metal, Portland, OR
Wing ribs
  • TVAP
  • Dream Aircraft
  • Long Aviation
Wing spars
  • TVAP
  • Dream Aircraft
Main Gear  


Supplier Parts Comments
TVAP, Huntsville, AL
  • The full spectrum of parts (angles, landing gear, wing spars, wing ribs, ...)
Dream Aircraft
Attn. Scott DeGaynor
188 Wealthy S.W. Suite 12
Grand Rapides, Mi 49501
phone: 616-454-7747
  • Spars: the spars are offered as a set (2 wing spars, 1 center spar). The wing spars are either 10' or 12', price around $2,300 (unconfirmed)
  • Landing gear
  • Wing ribs $40.00 each
  • Wing panels "The aluminum panel ribs are glued in a fixture for accuracy, then rivets along the back spar and two rivets onto the rib. I use a 1 1/2 inch gluing strip along the rib first, for a greater adhesive contact area. We tested these panel ribs to 11.4 G's with the failure occurring an the glue joint around the spar. These ribs are the exact airfoil as Bede intended." (quote Scott), price $208.88 each
  • Angles and other parts


Scott participates in the mailing list (latest update: 09/2001)

GeeBee Canopies, Inc.
Glen Breitsprecher
17615 Meridian E #K-1
Puyallup, WA 98375-6260
phone: 253-841-4614

Curved windshield This windshield was designed by Roger Mellema. It increases the cruise speed considerably and lowers the wind noise. Roger had sent the plans for the windshield two weeks before his fatal accident to Glen.
Glen still produces them, they are of 3/16" Solar Gray tinted Plexiglas. The price (Oct 2002) is $388, shipping crate $75.
Glen also offers the side windows for $125.
Glen accepts personal check, VISA, Mastercard. He ships via Motorfreight with freight collect. (latest update: 10/2002)
Grove Aircraft Co.,
Attn. Robby Grove
Landing gear They have the original BD-4 gear leg design at hand and can deliver a custom made landing gear for the BD-4 out of AL 7075. Price = $800. As an option one can also have a hole drilled to replace the external brake line. Price of this option: $100.

If you consider a Grove gear you may want to talk to Bryan Cass. He researched this topic and talked to Grove about making a one-piece gear.
(latest update: 11/2002)

Long Aviation
Mr. Francis Long
912 Summey
Wichita, KS 67217
phone: (316) 522-1697

  • "Metal rib assembly": $131
  • Wing spars (?), Wing extensions

John H. Raffensparger,
17122 Masemore Road
Parkton, MD 21120 
phone/fax: +1 (410) 343-1079

  • Metal wing plans: $35.00
  • Plans for an outside baggage compartment door: $7.00.

These prices are prepaid. (latest update: 05/2002)

Tardiff Sheet Metal, Santa Ana, CA
Ask for Mike. 
phone: (714) 547-7135
Fuselage angles They're an air conditioning fab shop. Craig Evans let his angles bent by there. He paid $550 plus $200 in tooling fee. He asked Tardiff to keep the dies for other BD-4 builders. This means they will now bend without charging for the tooling. Click here for a picture of a set of angles.
Joe Lienau
817 Lakeside Dr.
Downers Grove, IL 60516-4947
Another BD-4 book: "How to Maintain"  
Stephan Pelgar Flush fuel drains for the sumpless wing tanks of the BD-4. It is not easy to find flush fuel drains for the sump less wing tanks of the BD-4. Ken Strite built them in.
NW Sheet Metal, Portland, OR
Mr. John Blaser (owner)
phone: (503) 620-4513

Bending fuselage angles Lance Schlichter and I bent a number of angles in this shop. John Blaser is very friendly and helpful. He charges $35/hour for labor.

[Ed:] If you don't find any place to bend the angles I can get this bent for you at NW Sheet Metal which is not far from my home. Note however, shipping of parts longer than 6 ft is not cheap. UPS will not do it I heard. Also check out the pages about how to build a bending brake or a press brake (press brake, bending brake). Angles up to 4 ft I bend on the bending brake I built (i.e. the landing bear box).


Misc. Parts

Check Roger Mellema's Newsletter #12 page 10 (in the print copy), July 1985 for some sources and ideas about some of the parts. The section title is "Sources For Some BD-4 Parts" (for the html version)

Information about a fuselage modification

1) Ray Ward compiled a set of information. Included are drawings and a discussion of center of gravity considerations, seat size, alignment and full size patterns for stronger gussets he used in critical areas. For a copy of this information, send a check for $20.00 to Ray. (latest update: 03/2004)

2) Lloyd Brekke used to sell another set of plans for a fuselage modification. He no longer distributes them. However, he released them from under copyright. I took a bunch of JPG pictures of his plans. You can download them here (13.3MB). (latest update: 09/2002)

Information about using a bigger power plant

Ray Ward published and sells the book "Fun and Forced Landings with V/8 Power". The price is $48. Please send a check to Ray. (latest update: 03/2004)

Hardware (bolts, nutplates, ...)

Haire Aviation
Jerry and Richard Haire
9409 Freeman Rd.
Sanger TX 76266-5908
phone: 940.458.4603
fax: 940.458.7635
Hours: Mon-Fri. 8:30am - 4:30pm (Central) (a recommendation from Mark Napier, sent in on: 12/2002)

Freeman's Aviation
Good prices for ball bearings, rod ends and stuff.

Preferred Airparts
Have both new and reconditioned parts. Very complete stock.


Manufacturer: DeSoto
Less expensive at Aircraftspruce (P/N 09-38560, 09-38565 ), but you can buy directly from DeSoto
If you're near Van's Aircraft in Oregon, they have it, too. (latest update: 08/2001)

Autoconversion Engines Suppliers

Misc. Suppliers:

Homebuilder's supply
Glassfiber composite materials
*From: Tyler Roberts <tyler [at]>
Tue, 24 Feb 2004
I would suggest polyimide foam or Melamine foam. Both of these products are Class A fire Rated. Polyimide foam passes Boeing specs and is used in commercial aircraft. Melamine is going under Boeing testing and meets many fire standards. Both have great sound absorption. If you need any specs or certs let me know.
Probes and sensors
Metal raw material
Electronic parts
Aircraft parts
Engine Monitors
Internal lightning
Lightened switches
NMEA to CDI coupler
Gears, pulleys, actuator motors, etc.
  • SDP/SI
  • Motion System (Motion System products are used by builders of other designs for trim tabs and flaps; cost: $150 to $250)
Seat belts and should harnesses
Aluminum (header) tanks
Wig-Wag flashers, LED position light kits, Schottky diodes, solid state relays, MAC8 controller
LED position lights
Bellcranks (BC4W10)


1) Generally, you need 22 ribs for the short wings, 26 for the long wings