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2009-01-11 Added mailing list archive from 2000-2007 2000 - 2007 Mailing list archive
2008-12-18 Added searchable PDF of Virginian Patriot
2007-02-20 Moved site to a new server
2005-08-04 Pictures from Oshkosh Airventure 2005
2005-07-11 Steve Mahoney's article: Building a lightweight cowling
2005-07-11 First part of Arlington 2005 report
2005-03-17 Questions to the Webmasters
2005-02-25 Ken Strite's fuel cell repair article.
2005-02-05 Modification page, horizontal stab. airfoil coordinates
2005-03-24 Added Jim Calamon's builder's log to the links; various changes under the hood
2005-01-31 Added flapper valves to the design modification page
2005-01-30 Portrait for N115PK (Paul Kauffman) (added more pictures from the first crash)
2005-01-15 Portrait for N115PK (Paul Kauffman)
2004-12-31 Robert Fridman's parts cost list, Richard Martin's movies, Steve Mahoney's panel upgrade
2004-12-13 Major update: * removed the frames to allow running the site on CD, * Updated the version of the navigation menu JavaScript, * Various updated pages
2004-08-30 Steve Craigle's vortex generator page
2004-05-11 Richard Martin's vortex generator page
2004-04-19 How to fit the spars from Lance Schlichter, Sun 'N Fun report by Ken Strite
2004-04-18 Wallpaper photo page, Ron Vance's N149RV
2004-04-08 Awesome new picture in the gallery, Builder's archive, supplier's page
2004-02-07 Builder's archive, the front page now list the latest changes in the builder list and the latest uploaded pictures
2004-02-06 Builder's archive
2004-01-17 Ken Strite's trim wheel
2004-01-04 Classifieds page now searchable
2003-12-21 Home page, (announcement Bede) Custom parts page (new), Modifications page
2003-12-17 Modifications page, list of high time BD-4s
Updated information on angle layout on aluminum sheets
2003-09-09 Bellcrank drill template
2003-08-09 Building a Bending Brake
2003-08-07 Calculation of dimensions when bending sheet metal
2003-08-05 A discussion about directional stability, some more links on the reference page (including Mark Napier's centering tool)
2003-08-02 Tips on how to cut aluminum sheet metal
2003-07-31 Some more flight stories from Steve Mahoney (they are listed in his profile page)
2003-07-18 Added a printable PDF document to the parts cross table.
2003-07-14 Report from Arlington 2003
2003-06-21 Another 3D drawing (submitted from Craig Evans who received it from Louis Bigelow who found it in a box).
2003-06-08 A movie page
2003-05-28 Wing extension drawing page
2003-03-04 Another newsletter was discovered! We are now scanning them in, one by one, see here
2003-01-23 Chat room page, supplier's page
2003-01-14 Additional Air Progress article on the magazin articles page
2003-01-14 Additional newsletter from Hugo Scheider downloadable at: scheidernewsletters.html. The new editions are marked yellow.
2003-01-13 Jim Huber's control system, building materials
2003-01-12 Two new Bede Corp. newsletter: Vol. 2 No. 6 and Vol. 2 No. 7. Download them from here.
2003-01-10 Design modification page
2003-01-04 Additional newsletter from Hugo Scheider downloadable at: scheidernewsletters.html. The new editions are marked green.

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