BD-4 Gallery

These is a randomly assembled list of pictures. See additional pictures from participating builders in the builder's list.

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Roger Mellema flying

N-76VR (Roger Mellema)
Oshkosh 1987

SE-XCG: (Erik Olsson)
Norrköping, Sweden,

(Roger Knight) 
Over Crater Lake Oregon.

Ray Ward

N-67MB (Joe Lienau)

N-239CP (Colin Powers, now owned by Holger Stephan)
Oshkosh 1987


N-24HB (Bob Hoey)
Over the Sierras, picture taken by Roger and Linda Knight in another BD-4


N682BD (John Steere)

C9-EXA (Carlos Serodio)

Allan Sandstrom

Scott DeGaynor's plane, built by Steve Takas

Jim Bede

N-11DV (Don + Carol Phillips)
Oshkosh 1987

Arlington Fly-in 2001

Oshkosh 1987

International Sport Aviation Museum

BD4 471 on Vargas Island BC in August 1997

N9286 (Dave Anderson)

Oshkosh 1987


Tony's N777LC

Bobby Lunsford

Oshkosh 1987


N9286 (before Dave Anderson bought it)

N73JM (Jim McConnell)

(Air Progress, March 1991, see magazine article page)

(Air Progress, March 1991, see magazine article page)

N42EE by Wright-Hartman (source)

source, re-published with permission by Mark S. "Bear" Daniels, Editor
Silver State News Service