BD-4 News
Date: July 27th, 2005 BD-4 Banquet planned for OSH

The banquet is on Thursday the 28 at 6 pm this year. The builder's meeting is on Friday eve at Gruenhagen Hall.

Date:May 28th, 2004 BD-4 Banquet planned for OSH

Joe Linau and Scott DeGaynor are planning a BD-4 banquette for this year's fly-in at Oshkosh again.

The banquet is on Thursday the 29 of July this year, at the Delta family Restaurant. Cost is around 15 dollars, cash bar, family style food. The location is near the UW Oshkosh campus.

Date: March 11th, 2004 Bede Corp L.L.C. Makes All Metal Wing Available

The following emails were sent by Jim Bede and announce the availablility of the new wing, and in fact the first roadmap of the new BD-4 program:

From: Jim Bede
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 13:30
Hi Holger:

I'm sending you a copy of a press release we are sending out. I have JLN Distributors now take the orders and make delivery the new wings. BedeCorp will stock the remaining BD 4 materials and will be sending out the a new price list. The plans for the all metal wing are now available for $90.00. The wing can be built with the new or original spars. Anyone can contact me at

Jim Bede


Jim Bede of BedeCorp LLC, is pleased to announce the design of an All Metal Wing for the BD-4 using honeycomb ribs and metal skin. This wing is completely bonded with space age adhesives that results in an extremely smooth external skin free of rivets. It can utilize the original BD-4 flaps, ailerons and wing tips. The new wing spars can be installed on the BD-4 original center section.

For more information contact JLN Distributors at The new wing will be on display at Sun N Fun. This wing will be at booth LD 006."

From: Jim Bede
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 14:32

[...] JLN Distributors is a company that is selling our BD-17 and setting up dealers around the country. They have a warehouse and stock all of the BD-17 parts. They will be stocking and selling the new wing materials. This will include spars, ribs and other individual parts. The ribs will be pre cut and ready for installation. They will have a package price for the complete wing less wing tips, flaps and ailerons. They will also sell the complete wing kit less the wing spar for those who already have a spar and who want to install this new wing. BedeCorp LLC will stock all of the remaining materials for a complete BD-4
kit. Initially we will be having control surfaces, wing tips, fuselage angles, landing gears and nose wheel assemblies. Standard hardware, basic instruments and other easy to locate items will be the last things we will have in stock. We plan to continually upgrade what BD-4 materials we do have and the current prices. We do not plan on taking any orders on items that are not ready for immediate shipment. We are building up a mailing list of all of our past customers and those who recently purchased BD-4 plans or books. We will keep them aware of material prices. Initially, we will offer material kits to our original BD-4 kits. Gradually if it becomes economically practical, we will provide more and more of the parts formed,
machined or welded. At some point we will have the fuselage angles precut and the gussets preformed. We hope to keep our eyes and ears open and try learn what our customer of today would like or need. We will do our best to fill those requirements. Looking at your web site and seeing all the pictures of finished BD-4s and seeing BD-4s at Oshkosh and other shows make me very proud not of the design of the aircraft, but the customers that did the real hard work in finishing their aircraft. Some of these are
absolutely beautiful and your web site does all our builders real pride. What a great group!!!

Jim Bede

The message below had pictures attached that I put up on this page here.

From: Jim Bede
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 08:56

[...] We have completed our test for the new wing. The results were fantastic. We first tested a section of the wing over one rib and went to 14 g's with no failure. We then tested the wing for leaks by putting air pressure in the tank area and it held the pressure all night.

We then increased the air pressure to 20 psi. The skin looked like a quilted pillow and finely failed when the skin wrinkled at the ends by the rib and let the air out. The total load on the 4 foot wing section was over 28,000 lbs. There was no failure of the skin on any part of the ribs.

We took a new BD 4 wing to Sun 'N Fun and inclosing some photos. The finished wing is very smooth and a lot easier to build then rivets.

We will be taking orders for complete wing kits with new wing spars and without for those with the original spars. The ribs come completely cut and wing skins have the leading edges formed. The kits come with the adhesives, hardware, and all material needed. We also will sell any parts separately.

Any one can contact me at 330 721 9999 or e-mail at

Jim Bede