Jim Bede's New Wings

Here are pictures of Jim's new wings. The ribs are made of aluminum honeycomb. The skin is bonded to the ribs without rivets. The result is this absolutely stunning wing.

Jim writes in an email from April, 29th, 2004:

From: Jim Bede
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 08:56

[...] We have completed our test for the new wing. The results were fantastic. We first tested a section of the wing over one rib and went to 14 g's with no failure. We then tested the wing for leaks by putting air pressure in the tank area and it held the pressure all night.

We then increased the air pressure to 20 psi. The skin looked like a quilted pillow and finely failed when the skin wrinkled at the ends by the rib and let the air out. The total load on the 4 foot wing section was over 28,000 lbs. There was no failure of the skin on any part of the ribs.

We took a new BD 4 wing to Sun 'N Fun and inclosing some photos. The finished wing is very smooth and a lot easier to build then rivets.

We will be taking orders for complete wing kits with new wing spars and without for those with the original spars. The ribs come completely cut and wing skins have the leading edges formed. The kits come with the adhesives, hardware, and all material needed. We also will sell any parts separately.

Any one can contact me at 330 721 9999 or e-mail at jim@bedecorp.com

Jim Bede

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