Portraying N149RV

N82797 was built by Ron Vance. See a report of his maiden flight here.

Here are some notes Ron sent to the mailing list:

"She flys quite well. I had a certified interior installed by AZ Interior Designes in Mesa AZ. My bird also has a certified engine IO-360 A1A 200 hp and a certified Hartzel prop. They do all kinds of business jets, there were 21 different panels that were made and covered. Did complete carpet including the inside of the firewall and side panels. After seeing what was done the guy nextdoor in a A 36 had his done and a glasair pilot also. Really looks good, leatherette with a complete head liner and 2 different color schemes plus the carpet. Set me back a few bucks, but worth it.

The seat are out of a Dodge Mini Bus and I am sorry I don't know what year the bus is. They recline have arm rests and are adjustible. The comfort is worth the extra weight, they weight 23 lb each. I have removed the adjustment to set lower. The thickness of the bottom seats could be lowered at least 2 inches without losing any comport to allow the adjustment to be
reinstalled. The cruise is 177 miles per hour at 2400 rpm at 8500ft with an IO 360 A1A 200 hp with a constant speed prop and about 21 inches of manifold pressure( I have a ram air scoop for the fuel injector). The airport I fly out of is 5800ft and I installed the long wings for better high alt. performace.

I used a garage door latch with 1/4 inch steel rods to go forward and aft to lock the door in place there is no need for one at bottom since my doors are made of fiber glass, there are very stiff with no flex. I used the principle of fiber glass with a foam core the same constrution used on the Glassair's. The latch pushes out the rods and in the closed position turns to over center to prevent the latch from opening."