BD-4 Movies

See her in action here. These are not professional movies, just what you can record with a digital camera.

Movie File
bd4_20030608.avi Steve Craigle moves out of the parking position and drives by. Moview taken by Holger
4.2 MB
mark_felling.asx Mark Felling walking around his project (not viewable with Quicktime, needs MS viewer)
625 KByte
512KBD4Footage.wmv In-flight movie of Richard Martin's BD-4 overflying the Air Force Academy in Colorado
6.85 MB

Richard Martin writes on 21/30/2004: "Here is a short movie at my friend, Burrall Sanders web site that has a couple short clips of me and a pass over Meadowlake airport (at 4:44) My plane was the camera platform for 90% of this 5 min movie. It has a sound track to listen too also. You may have to right click on movie and open in a different window".


You can use Apple's free Quicktime to view these movies: Download Quicktime, or if you are on Linux: Xine