Oshkosh AirVenture 2005

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Jason's new BD-4 (click on his name to see his builder's profile. There are some more impressive photos!

From: Keith Fuller
Date: August 2nd, 2005

Hi Holger,

Here are some pictures I took at OSH of the 3 BD-4s that were there. I also took a few pictures of a "new" BD plane that looks a lot like a combination of the old Yankee and the BD-17 (same wings, tail and landing gear). Thought you might be interested - feel free to post on the web site as appropriate. I am sending the BD shots first (one is of the prop tag as I did not recognize the name or plane).

Keith Fuller - not an owner or builder, but a list lurker...

Thank you, Keith, for sending in these beautiful pictures! If one of you were there and took some pictures...send them to me and I will put them up here.

Looks like this year's star was Jason Glenn. What a beauty!! This is the first completed TeamAviation kit I've seen so far. Glenn: send us some more information, we're all so curious to learn more about your plane!

James Calamon has more pictures from Oshkosh on his website. James: The brown BD-4 is from Richard Martin. And yes, he is from Colorado. Richard: did you demonstrate your leading edge cuffs?

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N-469JH (whose is this one?)
Takas built, owned by Scott DeGaynor

Jason's prop sign :
Aircraft Name: TeamAviation BD-4
Built: 2005
N-Number: 326CG
Engine: IO-360 (180 HP)
Owner: M. Jason Glenn
Located: Enterprise, AL 36330
Wing Span: 29'
Empty Weight: 1419#
Gross Weight: 2500#
Cruising Speed: 140Kts
Landing Speed: 55 Kts (VSO=49 KIAS)
A new BD with side-by-side seating.

The new BD
The new BD

The new BD
The new BD

The new BD
And this is the hat that Jim Bede handed out to those that came with their BD-4 to the Fly-in.