Suppliers of Custom Parts

Some of us have offered to custom build parts, for a reasonable fee. If you are missing a special tool or expertise to make a complex part consider having it done by one of the individuals below. Likewise, if you like to offer parts or the making of, contact us and we will list you here.

Note that Bobby also proposes to run a batch of parts and join into a group of builders where each makes a batch of a particular part and shares it with the group. Contact him if you are interested or discuss it in the mailing list.

Stephan Pelgar
Location Middleburg, FL (see his builder's profile)
Stephan can make all of the more complex parts. He has been offering sumpless fuel drains and welded and normalized engine mount brackets in the past.

Hatconversions, Bobby
Location CO
Parts What I have done for lots of years is build and restore unique projects that are usually deemed impossible or close to it. Because of the nature of these projects, I have gathered up a huge inventory of tools. Just moved to Colorado, bought a place on top of a mountain, and am going to sit here and build fun stuff. Been training race horses for a career my whole life. Got tired of being on the two coasts and found me a place in the middle.

If anyone needs any references some of the projects I've been involved in are:
  • Built a Mustang II
  • Built a 19 foot SK boat that held the world record for several years.
  • Rebuilt Horace Dodge's (Dodge Motor Co) 1929 41' Gold Cup Boat. It was powered with a Curtiss Wright Tornado V-12 Aircraft Engine. It was the Grand Champion boat at the big show at Tahoe.
  • Restored a '63 Split window Corvette that was the high point car at Busch Gardens
  • Rebuilt a Smith Sidewinder
  • Have a Mustang I nearly completed.
If anyone needs any sort of custom fabrication, that's what Hatconversions is, Haulin Ass Toys. I usually charge $25 an hour for me and my tools plus materials. I am also looking for a Bd4 kit. If some of the guys want to get together, I'll build 5 or 10 sets of something and maybe some of the other guys can do the same. We all know that something you think is going to take an hour to build, usually takes longer, especially in welding projects. The set up is the time consuming part.