Portraying N115PK, S/N 115 (Paul 'Doc' Kauffman)

N115PK was built 1966 by Paul Kauffman. If you've read Roger Mellema's newsletters, you will know how much Paul has been involved in the builder's community. I am expecting more information and maybe pictures from Paul and will update this page then.

Here are two photos showing N115PK after completion:

Source: Paul (Terry Clark*) scanned it in)

Source: Paul (Terry Clark scanned it in)

In 1985 Paul had an engine failure and suffered sever injuries during the crash landing. Here are photos from this crash:


But Paul did not give up and rebuilt his plane and flew it until 2004. He decided for a Wortmann airfoil (FX 38-153) (see newsletters #15, #16 and #18). Here are some images from that time:

Source: Terry Clark, EAA chapter 234

Source: Terry Clark

Source: Terry Clark

Source: Terry Clark

This is a "crafted" image, by Terry Clark. Terry: "I have done that for a number of our members planes. The original photo is one of the plane taxiing, which is just superimposed on a cloud picture and fussed with in Photoshop."

The last flight of N115PK occurred on May 26th, 2004. Paul writes: "I had just taken off for a local flight and turned to go north along the shore of East Bay. The engine began losing power about 400-500 feet above the airport elevation, and I was unable to maintain altitude. or determine the cause of the power loss. I chose to land in shallow water near the shoreline. After the crash I was upside down with water entering the cockpit. I was able to open the door and climb out on the wing. A boat came out of a nearby marina and took me to shore. I had no serious injuries (protected by seatbelt and shoulder harness), but the plane was not so lucky. The cause was an oil line becoming disconnected, causing the engine to self-destruct."

Here are is a news article and another mentioning from this accident:


And here is the NTSB accident report: http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief.asp?ev_id=20040709X00943&key=1

After hearing from the accident the members of the mailing list discussed here. Here is a transcript.

The water landing ripped off the landing gear and destroyed the firewall. But the wings were almost unharmed and Paul plans to use them to build another plane, lighter and slower to comply with the sport aviation rules.


More links to Paul Kauffman:

*) Many thanks to Terry Clark, EAA Chpt 234 webmaster and Doc's hangar neighbor, for sending the pictures here and establishing a contact to Paul Kauffman!